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KANGAROO KIDS is a maternity and children's upscale consignment store located in the North Center district of Chicago. 

We are passionate about creating and maintaining an ecological, economical and sustainable way for parents to keep their kids in style!

We are currently accepting apparel for children sizes 0-14.  We also accept maternity apparel.  Since we are located in North Center, our vision is to maintain an upscale consignment store, with Gap and Gymboree being the lowest brands of apparel and the styles being very current.

We only accept ONE SEASON of apparel at a time.  January is SPRING apparel.  February-May are  SUMMER apparel.  June-August are FALL apparel.  September-December are WINTER apparel.  Jeans are accepted all year.

In addition to clothing, we accept infant accessories and upscale toys.  Infant accessories would include mobiles, lamps, bumbos, new monitors and many other items too numerous to list.  All battery operated toys and infant accessories must have WORKING batteries and be COMPLETE, CONTAINED and VERY CLEAN!.

Consignors will receive 30% of the selling price, which is available immediately after items sell as in-store credit or CASH/CHECK will be available by the 10th of each month for the previous month's sales.  Money is good for 1 year from the time it is earned so you don't need to come every month but you are certainly welcome to!