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I have been in the children's clothing resale business for over 21 years.  In March of 1990, I opened the first store, Krafty Kids, in my home town of Burlington, Iowa when my youngest child was only 5 years old.  I owned this first store with a friend and we shared the hours between us so that we could each only work part-time, as our children were still young.  However, within a couple of years, my friend moved to  her childhood town in West Virginia and I became its sole owner. 

In January of 1999, I opened an additional store about 50 miles east of Burlington, Iowa in the town of Galesburg, Illinois.  This town seemed like my second home, as I commuted 6 days a week in order to start this new store, named Klassy Kids.  It was larger than my other store so we  branched out into teenage and even some women's clothing, along with the children's and maternity items.

In January of 2009, I expanded to an additional store in the same area, named The Out of Control Closet, which carries only teenage and college age apparel and accessories.  At that time, we discontinued carrying the teenage apparel at Klassy Kids so we had more room for the children's and women's clothing.  Oh, I forgot to mention that before I opened this 3rd store, I sold the Burlington store in July of 2007, as I had relocated to Old Town in Chicago to be closer to my now "grown" children.  So, for 2 years I traveled between Chicago and Galesburg, spending some full weeks and lots of long weekends building the new teenage store.  It is now doing well and I have management in place for both Galesburg stores.

SO, that brings us to the present...June of 2011, when KANGAROO KIDS CHICAGO was born!  This small town girl has decided to embrace the big town of Chicago and what better way to do that than to continue in her passion by starting a store in her new "home" town?


UPDATE:  I sold both of my Galesburg stores in the spring of 2013.  I am now just concentrating on my wonderful Chicago store:  KANGAROO KIDS!  We look forward to serving you!