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1.  To begin:  Our staff will go through your order when you bring it to the store and will return any unaccepted items to you at that time.  During processing, any additional items that do not meet our standards will be donated to charity.

2.  Time in store:  Your items will be color tagged according to the month in which they were accepted and will run for the rest of that month plus 3 additional full months.

3.  Price determination:  All prices will be set by the store.

4.  Unsold items:  You, the consigner, may reclaim your unsold items PRIOR to the last day of the consignment period.  Any unsold, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.  Notifications will NOT be made.

5.  Payment:  During the consignment period, 30% of the selling price/item will be posted to your account as it sells and may be used immediately for in store purchases or collected as cash after the 10th of each month.  Any earnings not picked up within 1 year of the date paid will become the property of kangaroo kids.

6.  The store assumes no responsibility for any loss due to fire, theft, or damage.